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LED High Bay Light

  • High bay tube 100w140w
  • High bay tube 100w140w
  • High bay tube 100w140w
  • High bay tube 100w140w
High bay tube 100w140wHigh bay tube 100w140wHigh bay tube 100w140wHigh bay tube 100w140w

High bay tube 100w140w

  • Lighting power: 100W, 140W
  • Input voltage: AC120~277V
  • Beam angle: 110°
  • Luminous efficiency: 125lm/W
  • Product description: LED linear high bay light is 2 tubes design with high bright SMD LED light source, 0-10v dimmable and optional motion sensor feature, 100w and 140w two powers.
Lamp name: led high bay light
Model: BGG-HBF2-100W, BGG-HBF2-140W
Input voltage: AC120~277V
Power frequency: 50~60Hz
Lighting power: 100W, 140W
Light source: SMD LED
Luminous efficiency: 125lm/W
Lumen: 12500lm, 17500lm
Color temperature: 3500K/4000K/5000K
Power supply: IP67 waterproof driver
Power factor(PF): >95%
Color rendering index(CRI): Ra>70
Beam angle: 110°
Housing material: aluminum+PMMA
Dimmable: 0-10V dimming
Motion sensor: optional
Protect standard: IP54
Lightning protection: 6KV
Body size: 625x243x75.3mm
Lifespan: 60000H
Warranty: 5 years

1, Ideal for large indoor spaces, including warehouses, gymnasiums and distribution centers that require mounting heights from 15 to 50 feet.
2, An integrated motion/photo sensor option provides multi-level lighting control.
3, Available in 100w, 140w, 200w, 240w  and 300w versions with equivalencies from 200w to 600w metal halide fixtures.
4, 0-10V dimming is standard.

Our led bay light has utilized in many applications including canopy, workshop, warehouse, exhibition, stadium, logistics centre, supermarket, plaza and other places.

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