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  • 100w led floodlight
  • 100w led floodlight
100w led floodlight100w led floodlight

100w led floodlight

  • Model: BGG-T-115A-100W
  • Lamp Power: 100W
  • Light source: Philips 3030, Cree XTE
  • IP standard: IP65
  • Product description: 100w LED floodlight by BIGOGA is designed to meet the needs of badminton court lighting and other outdoor lighting requirements.

100w LED Floodlight Specifications:
Lamp name: LED Floodlight
Model: BGG-T-115A-100W
Input voltage: AC100V-277V / AC260-480V
Power frequency: 50~60Hz
Lighting power: 100W
Module: 2pcs
Light source: Philips 3030, Cree XTE
Luminous efficiency: 125lm/W
Luminous flux: 11000Lm
Color temperature: 4000K-6000K
Power supply: IP67 rated IC driver
Power efficiency: ≥0.95
HTD: 10%
Color Render index: Ra≥80
Protect standard: IP66 rating
Beam angle: 30, 60, 90, 30x70, 60x90, 90x90
Shockproof level: IK08 impact rating
Electrical surge protection: 10KV
Housing material: Aluminum
Finish options: Black
Body size: L281*W363*H320mm
Packing size: 41x39x24cm
Net weight: 5kg
Gross weight: 6.5kg
Installation: Arm-mounted, canopy-mounted, wall-mounted, ceiling mounted, pole-mounted
Lifespan: 60000H
Warranty: 5 years

100w LED Floodlight Features:
1. Al1060 aluminum material, 220V/M.K thermal coefficient, lighter in weight;
2. Powder painting process use in finish, more efficient in corrosion resistant;
3. 315 degree adjustable lamp arm, various optional accessories to satisfy different needs in mounting;
4. Energy conservation, luminous efficiency be up to 120-130LM/W, optional beam angle;
5. IP66, Silicon rubber sealing technology and structure of multi-angle breathing design;
6. 10 KV lightening protection scale, 10% THD, bad weather is permitted;
7. Warranty: 5 years.

100w LED Floodlight Application:
Our LED floodlights have been widely utilized in outdoor lighting places like road, street, tunnel, bill-doard, building, bridge. Landscape lighting place like park, garden, yard. Sport field lighting places like arena, Olympic stadium, badminton court, football pitch, tennis court. Indoor flood lighting places like exhibition hall, warehouse, barn.

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